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Supreme Court of Canada grants leave to intervene

The Supreme Court of Canada grants leave to intervene in Canada Post v. CUPW


Canadian Freedom of Association Award

The inaugural award was just presented to Larry Kowalchuk and Craig Bavis for their efforts (alongside many others that contributed) in bringing the case of Saskatchewan Federation of Labour v Saskatchewan 2015 SCC 4 from pleadings, to the ILO, to trial, and then to the Supreme Court of Canada.


Landmark verbal decision by SCC on class size and composition

The Supreme Court of Canada issued the last chapter in the BCTF’s struggle to restore stripped collective agreement language.


Injury to dignity damages upheld by BCCA

In this case, the BC Court of Appeal restored the highest-ever award of damages by the BC Human Rights Tribunal for injury to dignity in a discrimination case. This decision reversed the Supreme Court of British Columbia’s earlier decision to set aside the Tribunal’s original award of $75,000.


SCC recognizes Right to Strike

The Supreme Court of Canada has recognized a constitutional right to strike as part of section 2(d) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This precedent setting decision overturns a 1987 decision of the Court. Craig Bavis, partner at Victory Square Law Office, was co-counsel on behalf the the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour.