Steve Nash Fitness World Class Action

Information about this Class Action

This action was brought against SNFW Fitness B.C. Ltd.¬†(“SNFW“) on behalf of all employees who work or worked for SNFW and/or its predecessors and subsidiaries; and suffered loss as a consequence of the defendant’s failure to pay overtime pay, statutory holiday pay, and contractual wage rates for hours worked.

Case Name Sharon Freeman v. SNFW Fitness BC Ltd. doing business as Steve Nash Fitness World, Steve Nash Sports Club and UFC Gym BC
Court Supreme Court of British Columbia
Date Filed July 4, 2019
Class Members All current and former non-managerial employees of SNFW for the period of July 3, 2017 to the date certification is granted in this action, wherever they reside.
Class Counsel Colin Gusikoski and Mary Thibodeau, Victory Square Law Office LLP

Current Status

The plaintiff, Sharon Freeman, has commenced legal action by filing a Notice of Civil Claim in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. The action has not yet been certified as a class action.

For Further Information

Please contact Caitlin Atkinson