Victory Square Law Office LLP provides a full range of services, from advice to advocacy.

Advice for Unions

We have represented trade unions for almost 40 years, and have extensive experience assisting both provincially and federally regulated unions with all labour relations matters.


Advice for Employees

We have extensive experience in all employment law matters that may arise in both the private and public sectors. We can provide advice on a range of issues, including bullying and harassment, human rights, wrongful or constructive dismissal, privacy, and security clearance issues.

COVID-19 Workplace Rights FAQ

The following provides general guidance to workers dealing with the potential impacts of COVID-19 on their employment. The information contained below is subject to change as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. All should appreciate that this is an evolving situation and we will continue to update our clients as matters change. For specific issues, please speak with your union, or your VSLO lawyer.


Advice for Professionals

We provide professionals with strategic legal advice with respect to all professional regulatory matters and disciplinary hearings.

Advice for Police / RCMP Officers

We have extensive experience in representing regular and civilian members and temporary contract employees of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police along with other non-unionized policing agencies.


Advice regarding Pensions, Benefits and Trusts

We provide a full range of legal services to benefit providers, including trustees, as well as to employees and retirees who have issues and concerns about the delivery of their benefits.

Class Actions

Class actions permit a large number of people to have access to the legal system in circumstances that would be too complex or costly for one person to bring an action on their own. We have been involved in class actions related to circumstances arising out of current or former employment relationships.


Victory at Arbitration

We hold an annual seminar to provide information on the latest developments in labour, arbitration, human rights, pension, and Charter law, and on using the law to protect and advance the rights of workers