Summer Research Assistant Program

Summer Research Assistant Program

We generally hire one law student each summer as a research assistant to assist lawyers in the firm in researching labour law and related legal issues. While we usually hire a student who has completed second year, we have also hired students who have completed first and third years. The research assistant position may have the opportunity to observe arbitration and labour relations board hearings and usually has the chance to work with most of the senior lawyers in the firm.

Application, Interview and Selection Process

We welcome applications from law students attending a Canadian law school who have a particular interest in the practice of union-side labour law and employee-side employment law or one of our other primary areas of practice. Given the highly specialized nature of our practice, we generally restrict interviews to those applicants possessing either a background in labour relations and/or the trade union movement or those expressing a strong desire to represent workers and unions and demonstrating a commitment to progressive causes and values. We welcome applications from women, visible minorities, indigenous people, people with disabilities, and people from the LGBTQ2S community.

Applications for the Summer Research Assistant position for the following summer will be accepted until September 30th. Applications should include a cover letter, a curriculum vitae and undergrad marks.

Send your application to the attention of Craig Bavis, Managing Partner, either via email with attachments in PDF format or via facsimile transmission (1-604-684-8427). Our preference is to receive application packages only via email or facsimile transmission.