420: Cannabis in the workplace

One of the biggest challenges that Canadian workplaces face in 2018 is the increase in cannabis use with legalization imminent and increasing use of medical cannabis. Unions are faced with members concerns, employer drug testing policies, and human rights issues surrounding accommodation and addiction. VSLO has extensive experience in this field.

VSLO can assist unions by:
Reviewing and advising unions on employer drug testing policies;
Drafting drug and alcohol policies for unions;
Facilitating workshops for union representatives on how to represent employees facing drug test requests;
Representing unions at arbitrations in policy grievances, discipline grievances, and accommodation issues;
Assisting unions in meeting their duty to represent employees with positive tests results and substance abuse issues including return to work agreements, treatment, monitoring and accommodation.

As a starting point unions should have a policy on cannabis use which provides direction to their members. You can download a sample policy here.

For more information, please contact Craig Bavis.